Coroventis CoroFlow cardiovascular system

Coroventis CoroFlow Cardiovascular System is an advanced platform for assessment of both epicardial and microvascular physiology.

Designed to communicate with Abbott’s wireless PressureWire® X, CoroFlow is easy to use for daily clinical practice at the same time as it provides powerful tools for advanced physiology.


  • Complete Cardiac Characterization
    • FFR, Pd/Pa, RFR
    • PB-CFR
    • Absolute Flow/Resistance
    • dP/dt, EDP, Tau
  • Wireless lab Integration
  • Dicom Worklist/PACS Storage
  • Automated Study Data Management

Installation flexibility

Lab integration

Optimal workflow & PW utilization

No cables, Installation with no lab downtime


Multi-room, Touch screen,

Rechargeable – no cables

Research Flexibility


Note: Not inside Patient environment

(>1.5m from patient)

Coroflow Lab integration

Data management

Read more about measurements indepth